Its time for you to take advantage of the worlds biggest trading market: CHINA.


It has never been a better time to trade with China. This multi-billion dollar market is up for grabs and we hope to be your ally in exploiting this new opportunity. See the change we can make in your dealings with china.





    As a trader you know the importance of contacts and references. We let you use ours at will. We put years of experience at your full service and listen to what it is you need from us. Weather you wish to buy from us or use us as your buying agent, we are there for you!


    Stop wasting your time with middle men and “family members” of traders and get on with the real team of experts. With years of experience and contact building, we make all deals happen and quick.

About Us

Soto Import is a company created in the Dominican Republic by Mr Harold Soto, a prominent and successful business man from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic's capital. The company has since grown to be a power house in the market of Chinese trading. Between its own trading activities and its many buying agent contracts, Soto Import now oversees millions of dollars in trade on a monthly basis.


“Soto Import gives quick approvals and the approvals are very competitive compared to their peers. They fund deals as quickly as anyone and with less hassle.”

“Nicole Baker Owner Miami Water Authority I can’t say enough good things about Soto Import Company. Soto Import has taken my business from nothing to something.”

“Working with Soto Import has positively a­ffected our business because the cost to both our customers and our company has decreased while the whole process has become easier”

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