About Us

About Us

Soto Import is a company created in the Dominican Republic by Mr Harold Soto, a prominent and successful business man from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic’s capital. The company has since grown to be a power house in the market of Chinese trading. Between its own trading activities and its many buying agent contracts, Soto Import now oversees millions of dollars in trade on a monthly basis.



Our mission and goal is to become the number one chinese traders in noth america. With vision of over 200 Millions USD of trade by 2015, we have our work cut out for us and we are doing it! Expanding daily the amount of trade and the quality of our service, we mean to provide our customers with efficient and personalized service. 




Mr Harold Soto comes from a long lineage of prominent Dominicans. The name Soto is recognized and finds its roots deeply tied to the history of the country. With military parents, Mr Soto grew up in an environment of discipline, honnesty and values. The man behind the company is exactly what you would expect him to be. A leader and a visionary. With many successful companies already under his belt and over 150 employees in Santo Domingo alone, Mr Soto identified a need for more trade with China. Since then founding Soto Import, a great future still lies ahead for him.


  • Efficiency and punctuality


  • Seasoned experts and contacts


  • Tailor suited work plans


  • Access to all major provinces


  • We understand the culture