Soto Import SRL is a Dominican Republic based company specialized in import/export from China.

Sail Smooth Ltd. is a full-service international import/export agency servicing wholesalers, buyers, entrepreneurs and privately held companies. our foremost expertise is sourcing products and services in China for exportation to the USA, Europe, Canada and other countries.

Our strong business relationships in the USA and throughout China will help your company meet its manufacturing or technology outsourcing needs cheaply and with surprising efficiency. With over 10 years of experience working with factories and doing business in China, we have the capacity to develop sound solutions to your business requirements.

Our range of capabilities is broad. Whether you’re a company that already has a product or knows exactly what they want and just need sourcing, or whether you want to introduce a new, previously unreleased product and need a “team partner” to bring it to mass market, the Soto Import Team is able to help you. Our main objective always is to be the FIRST CHOICE link between our suppliers and customers, maximizing your profit potential, and providing superior customer service.

We deliver the know-how your company will need to successfully transact business with Chinese independent companies and well-established factories, according to Chinese Trade Laws.


Soto Import Srl. mission is to source high-quality products and deliver professional services to our customers around the world. We support this mission with a top-down philosophy of maintaining the highest ethical behavior in all our business dealings, the management of our employees, and a respect for social and environmental policies.